TV Golf Announcers Just Make Stuff Up: Rory McIlroy

By Wayne | Videos: As Seen On TV and Extras

In this video you will see proof of what I have been saying for some time now, namely that when announcers (any of them) describe why a Tour player sends a shot awry they are making it up. The point is that the actual reasons a shot by a great player is missed are so small and fast that they are simply not seeable, even with a slow motion camera, unless there is time to do a side by side comparison with computer graphics of swings from identical angles and lies.

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Johan October 13, 2013

Of course he’s making it up. When Miller’s talking about thousands of inches he’s really doubting himself. Is a hundred of an inch even possible to detect using your drawing of lines Wayne?? Maybe a tenth of an inch, but Miller sure as hell wouldn’t be able to see that. He has problems seing when players “drop” their head or not – and then we’re talking about 4-7 inches.

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