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Paul Azinger Golf Swing Analyzed

Here we have another example of golfing genius, a pure talent with a mean competitive streak that I believe would have put him in the same category as Lee Trevino as a multiple major winner and dominant player had it not been for his unfortunate brush with cancer at the peak of his career. His grip, set up, and backswing technique are idiosyncratic, but as you will see his use of his pivot and the hand path and shaft control are exemplary and made him one of the best ball strikers on the tour. As we have seen over and over with great players odd grips and backswings can be overcome by talent, which shines through in the forward swing and at impact. Of course, this is fairly obvious, as we would not be bothering to look at the swing at all if it were not highly successful, but it is worth reiterating for those who insist that certain players have less than adequate swing technique that the idea is to watch and see how and why it works.


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