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Webb Simpson Golf Swing Analyzed

Watching Webb Simpson win two events in 3 weeks brings to mind the old adage that you “putt for dough”. Now, I don’t believe that you “drive for show”, as any player wishing to win big tournaments simply has to hit the ball reasonably well, but certainly the winning part of it has a ton to do with making tons of putts, which Webb does consistently with one of the fastest strokes on tour. What is most interesting is that Webb’s swing tempo matches that of his putting stroke (or vice versa) in that it is quite fast overall, and utilizes what I would term a “hard catch” at the top wherein the initiation of the lower body movement happens as the backswing is still underway and produces a stressed shaft in the change of direction, which Simpson pulls nicely through impact. The move, which does involve some oddities (note the extremely cupped wrist and the under-plane backswing), is highly athletic and while timing oriented it certainly seems that Simpson owns it and doesn’t worry too much about in-swing positions, which is great when things are going well.


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