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Swing Analysis: Alvaro Quiros

Man, wouldn’t it be nice to be Alvaro Quiros for a week or two? What would it be like to be able to hit the ball well over 300 yards with a quick, compact swing that appears to involve little or no attempt to stretch or resist, although both of those characteristics are certainly in play in his motion. Quiros has the quintessential prototype “new tour body”, tall, lean and immensely strong, and he looks like an NFL safety rather than a golfer. I would compare him physically with Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods, while his swing reminds me (now that I think of it) of Tony Lema’s.
There are a few things that stand out about Quiros’ swing: first, it is very quick, one of the fastest on any Tour. Compare him to Nick Price and Ben Hogan and I think he would win the race to the ball. Second is the massive plane shift he utilizes, from a quite vertical shaft at left arm parallel to a hugely flattened shaft (take note of the right arm movement) as the left arm returns to the parallel to the ground position in the forward swing. This is sidearm throwing at its most fundamental. Third are the relative lack of forward hip slide in the downswing and the extremely open position of the hips at impact, an indication of the strength not only of his arms but of his entire trunk as well. All in all it is a whip-like action that would appear to be fairly simple in nature, at least in regards to the reactive athletic quality of it. I look for Quiros to be a force on the world scene for many years to come, and his ability to play better in the majors will likely depend on his short game and putting.


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