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7-Year Old Sofie Louis: Talent Personified

People ask me all the time why they have to work so hard on their games just to be decent, while others seem to be good in spite of their seemingly poor technique and lack of good practice habits and work ethic. The fact is that some people just have a “knack” for the game, and it is more apparent how things ultimately work without having any sort of deep understanding of exactly what they are doing. It allows some to be better than others, and if that is combined with the desire to compete and win and the will to do what it takes to get to the top then you have what you usually see in your best players. Everybody else is left to grind it out with any and every type of aid that might lead to improvement, including frequent lessons, equipment changes, physical workouts, sessions with sport psychologists, and just about anything else you could think of.
The swing you are watching here is that of 7 year-old Sofie Louis of Boca Raton Florida, who I spied hitting balls at a public range last week as I was giving a lesson to a long time student who has, over his lifetime (he’s 63), probably hit half a million golf balls and taken thousands of hours of lessons. He has an intense interest in improving and works extremely hard at his game, but when he noticed young Sofie (after I pointed out how well she was hitting the ball) he was as astounded as I was. This is what talent is all about, and when you see her technique (Bubba Watsonesque) you will know what I mean.

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