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Progress Report: Wayne D’s Swing December 2011

It was a tough year for me as stiffness in my back and hips made it difficult to swing the way I visualize. In other words, I know what I want to do, but I can’t get my body to do it. There is a natural defense mechanism in the body that will avoid positions and motions that cause pain and threaten injury, and no matter what you concentrate on or consciously tell yourself to do, in a one second motion you simply cannot force yourself to do the first thing then get to all the rest of it. Thus, the stiffer I got the worse I hit it. Luckily my short game is very good, so I can remain competitive, but I continue to work on my swing and on my body (using Muscle Activation Technique Therapy) and hopefully I can begin to swing better.
What you see here is really not all that bad. I have been feeling a bit better recently and just played in a 2-day, 2-man team event and it actually went OK. I include a few of the drills I do to work on my main issues, namely compressing in the backswing and sustaining impact past the ball.

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