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Lesson of the Week: Juniors make Impressive Improvements with only a Half Hour Each

You may like this video, or it may annoy you to no end. It is always remarkable when someone takes an idea or ideas given to them by an instructor and puts them into immediate action, producing motion and positions that are far advanced from what they came with only minutes before. Here we have two such players, and the fact that they are 14 and 11 years old may have you saying “Oh well, no wonder”. But I can assure you that what you see here is not the norm, even for youngsters of this age. What seems to be more important than age is athletic ability. When I saw Jonathan and Jenna hitting balls for the first time while I was teaching someone else, I made a mental note that here were two athletic kids who could be good players if they were given the right direction early on. I introduced myself to their father and told him that I would really like to work with them, and he liked the idea as well. What you see here is our first lesson, and the results were more or less as I expected.
I always find first lessons interesting, because I am constantly testing myself on what I see without the camera. I normally watch 5 or 10 shots before filming, and I am making mental notes as I watch. Then, when we go inside to study the video and I have a chance to draw the lines and do a complete analysis I can compare my first impressions, garnered with the naked eye, to what the video shows. Then, of course, it is always neat to see just how much the student is capable of incorporating into their swing. When you watch the video you will see why I have high hopes for the both of them.

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