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Tiger at Congressional: Hah – I Told You So

This is for all the knuckleheads who questioned the greatest player of our generation on his golfing judgment, most notably his choice of coaches and the swing technique that they have been working on for about a year and a half, not coincidentally about the exact amount of time Tiger said it would take for the changes to feel comfortable. I can see where people rightly questioned his ability to overcome his knee and Achilles injuries, because when physical problems become too pronounced any kind of high level golf swing is nearly impossible. Luckily he has been able to get his body back to where it can perform the movements he is practicing, which leaves us with those who attacked him for his attempts to rework his swing. It is obvious to me that many people in the golf business suffer from an inability to learn from history: Tiger has gone through this transformative process 3 times, each time with amazing success. It remains to be seen if he will regain his major championship winning ways. It is notable, however, that he has won this year on three of the best and most difficult courses played on the Tour, Bay Hill, Muirfield Village, and Congressional. I think a major is in the cards soon, but we will have to wait and see. Certainly he seems to be close to regaining the World #1 status he all but owned for 12 years.
His swing now seems under control, his positioning quite good and his rhythm smooth and unhurried. He is driving the ball much better, although the left shot bugged him a bit at Congressional, a switch from the right balls he had been hitting in recent struggles. His hands are now more forward at impact with just about every club including the driver, which may be why he is having so much success with the 3 wood tee shot and not quite spot on with the driver. He has modified the more extreme head-still backswing to allow for some right loading, and has found a middle ground with a neutral left wrist position at the top of the swing and a hand path on the way down that starts between the ball and the feet. As always, he continues to compress into the ground both going back and starting down, and is still elevating through impact. It all looks good to me, and like I said, I would expect more good things to come.


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