Monthly Archives: July 2015

Swing Analysis: Wayne D. Channeling Hogan

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Whenever I want inspiration to make my swing better I turn to the Hogan videos I’ve watched a million times. It’s amazing to me that I seem to get something new from them even after studying them for so long, but now that I feel good enough to look at my swing and actually try to practice enough to change it I can see more clearly how he was doing things and how I am not doing those things.

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Online Students: Grant Economou

By Wayne | Videos: Online Students

This is a pretty cool lesson, as Grant is all raw potential. This would be the kind of hands on lesson that, if they had a chance to watch, would really help a young professional with designs to be a good teacher someday, because it’s the start of taking something totally untamed and untrained and giving it control and structure without taking away the athleticism.

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