Swing Analysis: Will Wilcox

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

At first glance this swing may look a little unwieldy, especially with the exaggeratedly open stance, but upon closer inspection I think you will agree with me that it is an awesome move.

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Sean July 31, 2015

Saw this swing and loved it too. Thats pure Trevino at impact.

Lawrence July 31, 2015

Pure. Got to admit I saw also last week for the 1st time. The tv people probably did not like to see someone swing the club that was not a tiger clone

Tony August 10, 2015

that is a sensational tip you give on this video Wayne, about the way the right leg moves backward (during backswing) maintaining the same knee flex. That illustration using the red lines and the yellow lines is a beauty. I just love that stuff. I have been trying for decades to get into all these correct positions, and its like multiple descriptions of each move seems to help my brain process how to do it. Also loved the description you give of right arm moving high during backswing, until gets to a point where upper arm reaches a “height limit” and elbow then bends to allow hands to keep moving. Brilliant. Ive heard a million times to move right arm back until elbow starts to bend, but the image of moving it “high” is a gem.
I reckon trying to effect that move, combined with keeping weight on ball of right foot seems to really engage muscles around lower back/abdomen (well it does for me anyway).
I can’t thank you enough for passing this stuff on.

Sean December 5, 2015

I think youre going to consider this stupid but he gets so open at impact doesnt it almost look like he’s swinging out to the right?

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