Wayne D’s Swings from the PNC

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

These are a few swings I shot while I was at the PNC. The driver swings are before the tournament started, while the iron swings with the yellow shirt are the morning of the 2nd round. You will see all my old flaws, but I feel like I’m making progress in that my body held up pretty well and I managed to hit 12 fairways and 14 greens in the second round on a 7350-yard golf course. I know what I’m looking for and if I can keep practicing without hurting myself I think I can get back to being competitive, at least in my own section and hopefully on the national stage.

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Charles July 1, 2016

Nice to know what you’re working on. Thanks for sharing.

L July 2, 2016

This is so helpful. Thank you. I am learning to tell myself to “sit down” during the downswing because of your instruction. This keeps my butt and pelvis from sliding toward the ball and is helping me move the hips out to to the left. It feels strange, because my whole life I have moved the pelvis toward the ball on the downswing and blocked myself – and thus my hands had to come in high to make any contact – . I think I hear you dealing with a variation of this issue on this video.
I think it is great you shot the 71 on Day 2. One of the best scores of the day. Such hard work for you to come back from physical problems.

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