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Swing Analysis: Daniel Berger

Here is another great example of a funky looking, unconventional backswing that winds up producing a brilliant approach to impact. It is reminiscent of Sergio’s swing in that the shaft stays extremely flat for an extended period of time in the forward swing, saved by the quick rotation of the left forearm to close the face and to arc the shaft onto to the plane by the time it is parallel to the ground. The other benefit of this technique is to bring the hands quite close to the body in the impact area with the right forearm looking directly at the ball and the shaft returning to the address shaft plane at impact. Most players would be hopelessly stuck in this position (I see it all the time), but Berger’s pivot movement is so deep, left and rotated that with that lower left arm rotation he can avoid an overly in to out swing. Berger lays the club off in the backswing due to the bowing of the left wrist and the rotation of both forearms, but instead of steepening the shaft in transition as most would do his hands move out toward the ball and he flattens the shaft even more. All in all, it is an ungainly looking swing to the eye but one that produces exemplary impact positions, which of course is all that really matters.


2 Responses to Swing Analysis: Daniel Berger

  1. Christian July 5, 2016 at 12:36 pm #

    It’s amazing to me that some/most of the best players seem to intuitively arrive at similar fundamentals without being coached or taught. I will head back to the range and course and try to get closer to what they do. It’s really tough to do what they do with the longer clubs. I can do it pretty well with 7 iron down.

  2. Sean July 6, 2016 at 9:58 pm #

    From what ive seen his grip is strong to quite strong

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