Wayne D’s Swing: May 2018

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I’m still at it, this time getting ready for the 2018 competitive season by trying to improve my ball striking and hopefully pick up some distance off the tee. I played fairly well in the Middle Atlantic Match Play tournament, finishing T-10 in the qualifier (this is against all the section guys, not just the seniors) and then won two matches before losing on the 18th to a very good player I have taught in the past. Here I go back to some of the things that I still see in my 2001 victory at the National Club Pro, namely a brisker overall pace for the swing, especially the backswing, an earlier engagement of the hands and wrists in the takeaway, and a harder “catch” at the top to flatten the shaft more and more aggressively. I have also incorporated one of Hogan’s setup ideas, as I’m squeezing my knees toward each other at address to try to alleviate some of the problem I have with not being able to clear my left leg quickly enough in the forward swing. It’s an interesting feeling having my knees pressed toward each other (which gets me to the insides of both feet) while my elbows are bent away from each other (helping me flare my right arm so that it does not pinch in front of me in the backswing.

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Steve May 22, 2018

I always enjoy your sharing the evolution of your swing and your continued striving to improve those aspects of it that you have identified as providing constant “headaches” in your own journey. Interesting that you are open to going back in time to look at older swings made when you were having success and retrieving elements of those that you can reapply today. Your message to all of us is that while we may not achieve perfection there is no excuse for not trying to get better if we truly love the game and to do so we must be totally committed to the process. I might add also your not succumbing to physical limitations but rather choosing to work with them.

Please keep us updated on your progress with more videos like this as well as your instructive basement lessons which I always look forward to and enjoy. Good luck in your upcoming events.

Charles May 23, 2018

That takeaway is money.

Mike May 25, 2018

Looks great! Always interested to see what you’re working on and how you’re swing is evolving.

David W May 28, 2018

Good to see you Wayne

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