Tiger’s Newest Swing vs. 2001

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest Tiger fan in the world and I’m quite happy that he is back playing. It will be fun to watch if he plays well, but no fun at all if he doesn’t. My guess is that he is healthier now, and if he can avoid getting hurt again he should be able to build up the confidence he needs to swing freely. I’m also guessing that his short game issues were a one-off and that he will once again show that he is great around the greens. He was the greatest putter on earth for quite some time when he was dominant, and he needs to regain some of that magic. As far as the swing goes, it looks aggressive enough but upon closer analysis (I’m comparing him with 2001 mostly because everything I read has him “going back” to some version of his old swing) he is much slower to rotate his lower body and when combined with a more closed clubface in the backswing, a right arm that gets more behind him, and a transition hand path that is much more straight down than out toward the ball, it sure looks “stuck” to me, which I know Tiger hates. I think it would help if he would open the face in the backswing like he used to, a simple change that would lead to a much better pattern, one in which his hands would work out toward the ball in transition as they would in a natural sidearm throwing motion, causing his arms and the club to be more out in front of him in the downswing.

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Phil December 1, 2016

Within the first 45 minutes of Tiger’s round today, Brandel did a thing about him needing to do a hand path that was more out toward the ball. I think he’s been lurking on the website. Hi Brandel!!

David W December 1, 2016

Good annalysis. Rooting for Tiger to do well. Keep bringing it Wayne,

John December 1, 2016

I suppose that’s the difference between a 24 year old fit body and a 40 year old broken one. He shows early symptoms of early extension and I agree with WD, the club is coming from too far behind him. At left arm parallel in the DS, the old swing has his right elbow heading for the front of his right hip, whereas in the new swing, his right elbow is just in front of his spine. He seems to be even more stuck than ever.
He apparently missed 8 fairways in his first round, which continues a pattern of bad driving. He is also wounded, lacking competition and scarred by failures last time out.

I would create massive interest for the game but this will need a comeback to beat all comebacks. But if anyone can do it, he can.

Alexander December 2, 2016

Nothing signals a Tiger return to competition with a new’ish swing like a WD video! Love it.

Chuck December 2, 2016

Great expert analysis! We can’t get this stuff anywhere else! Thanks Wayne. I knew Tiger’s swing looked different but I couldn’t quite understand what was different until this vid. What do you guys think of Tiger’s new body? Is he strong enough in the right places? Also, JB Holmes has the ugliest swing I’ve ever seen and I wish they would just stop showing it. Yea I know he’s way better than me but man I don’t like watching that.

Sean December 4, 2016

Come on. I know you hate saying it, but Its plain to see that he is rolling his whole left arm slightly more in 01. The whole arm looks more twisted clockwise. He was also bending his right arm more then too.

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