Swing Analysis: Julius Boros

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

While you may have heard of Boros, I bet you have never seen his swing, which, as you will see in this video, was gorgeous. It had a lot of Hoganesque attributes, and while it wasn’t quite as technically excellent it certainly had the wonderful flow and sequencing that Hogan exhibited.

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John December 5, 2016

Love the swings from the 1940-1970 period. Venturi is one of the best I think. All the good players had similar patterns and I still wonder what was it that teachers were telling people to do in those days, which produced so many good ball strikers. Some of most common patterns seemed to be:
1) Many appeared to take the club very inside (or at least the hands).
2) Hands deep on the backswing
3) Lifted left heel and left knee pointed back of the ball
4) Hands out toward ball at start of DS – therefore flattening the shaft
5) Planing the shaft at impact and exiting left.

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