Tiger Woods Swing Comparison: New vs. Old vs. Older

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is an exceptionally long video so I’m not going to summarize the whole thing except to say that I think you will find it interesting. As you know I’ve been compiling Tiger’s swings and writing (and making videos) about them for as long as he has been playing. He is easily the most compelling player alive, not only because of the greatness of his record but because he has done more with his swing than anyone else I can think of. He has been #1 in the world with at least 4 different swings, and while every player makes swing changes and has new ideas just about every time they venture out onto the range, Tiger has made his public and the public, and the media, has scrutinized every one. Now that he has his 4th new teacher (or “consultant”, whatever that means) and has played in his first tournament I thought it would be a good time to make a comparison of what he is doing right now with what he was doing with Sean Foley, and then, since Tiger has made a point of talking about “going back to his old patterns”, comparing those with older swings from 1995 to 2002. I know I find this stuff compelling: I hope you do as well.

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John Neeson December 23, 2014

Still like the 02 swings the best. The face on comparison with the ‘woods’ is compelling. He has so much lag and hands so far forward, this has to be the main reason he fights his driver. Unless he really flips and / or rotates the hands through impact, he would surely end up blocking it. It’s a wonder all these so called gurus haven’t spotted that.

Mark December 23, 2014

Hands outside , slightly laid off, hitting beautiful fades. 4 Majors almost in the same calendar year.

Didn’t need to change, the best back-swing ive ever seen,

Mike Maggs December 24, 2014

WD, great stuff as usual. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have been trying for a while, unsuccessfully, to get swing clips off YouTube or off the tv directly so I can analyze the video of the previous week’s tournaments on my jc video. Through Google I have found a only very arduous ways to get the video off of a DVR. This approach seems like I would have to be a member of the Geeksquad to be able to do it and I was wording if you have found an easier way? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Even the correct keyword search for Google to get me point in the right direction would be fantastic.

Mike Maggs December 25, 2014

Thanks a million… I will give those a try.

John January 14, 2015

What was the thinking behind Tiger bending over more at address under Foley?
(Hope that sentence isn’t misunderstood) Nearly every big hitter has stood relatively tall at address (Love,Couples ,Daly, Bubba,Norman etc) I have found when I bend over more the backswing gets quicker and handsier as Tigers appeared in 2012/13.
The Foley swing for Tiger looked to be good for short and medium irons but destined to hit low cuts with the driver. There was bound to be a significant loss of distance as well as the physical discomfort. Golfers who crouch when putting get sore backs after twenty minutes practice
BTW your June10th tip “the left way to correctly deepen right” is brilliant!

Cary June 3, 2018

One thing I haven’t heard Wayne talk much about or any is the difference between Tiger’s 2000-2002 driver swing from the later Tiger driver swings from face on view. How much Tiger’s head moves to Tiger’s right from P6 to P7, as Haney said and Haney has seen Tiger’s swing more than anybody, how Tiger’s head moving so much to his right was causing his driver to get stuck behind the hands.

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