Tiger Woods at the Hero Challenge: Old or New?

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Let’s get this straight right off: Tiger Woods has a great golf swing. Now, does it do everything that I prefer? No, but then again I’m not teaching him, so no big deal there. However, from what I’ve seen of Chris Como (specifically the video he did with PhD Sasho Mackenzie) they are working in the right direction. I see a taller set up, maybe a slightly weaker grip (although nothing like with Haney), pretty close to the Haney backswing with the iron from down the line with better right loading than I’ve seen in a while from face on, and with the driver more width and a later wrist cock, but definitely not all the way back to the old-old days. I really don’t get all the fuss about it being a “freer release” as it’s obvious from the slo-mo vids that the release is still very late with everything. Of course, that’s great with the irons but again not so great with the driver. My main concern is a continuation of the vertical handle drop in transition with everything. Getting back to the Como/Sasho video it seems that they understand the importance of the hands out move, and if he would incorporate this more I think it would allow his upper body to rotate earlier and reduce some of the excessive lowering in transition and lessen the chances of him getting “stuck” when he tries to draw it. So yeah, I’d say it’s different and a bit better but it has a ways to go. And if it sounds like I’m agreeing with the TV guys about “too much dipping” I’d say that Chamblee is getting a better idea that some is good, while Oberholser is entirely clueless.

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Sean December 20, 2014

It looks to me like his left wrist is pretty bowed at the top. It seems to me that if you have crazy talent that these guys have, a bowed wrist would encourage you to drop your hands behind you, which is akin to swinging out to the right (to offset the shut club feel). See: Dustin Johnson, Trevino. But maybe Im just making that up. I’d like to see you do Russell Henley, its like Delaets only better.

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