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Tiger at Abu Dhabi

So Tiger finishes T-3 at Abu Dhabi after winning at the Chevron, and everyone is bent out of shape about his “failure to close”. What I see is that he played great the first 3 days, hitting 17, 13 and 16 greens in regulation and being tied for the lead after 54 holes, then scrambling his ass off on Sunday to save a 72 while hitting only 2 fairways and 6 greens. This says a couple of things: one, his short game is getting sharp again. Two, he hasn’t quite had enough competitive play time with his new swing to right the ship when things start going awry.
Watching the video and comparing the swings from Thursday to Sunday one can see no discernible difference. My general thoughts are that he is still struggling a bit with the knee, as his foot and leg work indicate, and he is still prone to start pulling the grip straighter down than he might like to as he starts the forward swing. That said, I think this week is mostly positive, and once he and Foley have a chance to look at it and work on a couple things he will only improve. One thing is for sure, if he starts pitching and putting like Tiger of old he will be a threat in every tournament he plays.


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