Swing Analysis: Robert Rock

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

It is not too often that a player tees it up in the last group on a Sunday with Tiger Woods and comes out on top. Look for great things from one of the best swings going.

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Phil April 22, 2012

rock employs the flying wedge wrist alignments and a very centered pivot. you even see teh flying wedge alignment in his address position. He is definitley a student of the golf machine and MORAD (mac o grady). You see similar wrist alignments with Luke Donald, Ben crane, KEvin Na, Stuart Appleby, Francesco Molinari. As the club reaches hip height on the takeaway he bends back the right wrist (rotates teh left wristclockwise. Obviously different wrist alignments can work (Dustin Johnson-bowed, Geoff olglivy-cupped). Rock’s Wrist alignments just “look” the best to me. it seems to prevent overswinging and planes the club better.

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