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Right Arm Position at P-3: A Survey (Part 1 and 2)

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

As I get older and gain more experience teaching and trying to play I have come to focus more on the right arm and how it functions during the swing. From watching hundreds of Tour caliber swings in slow motion and teaching players with a full range of abilities from hack to tour winner I have developed a preference for what I would call a “flared” upper right arm at left arm parallel (P-3) in the backswing as opposed to a “pinched” position, but in this survey you will see that excellent players utilize every conceivable right arm motion, from Miller Barber, whose upper right arm was parallel to the ground at P-3 (or completely horizontal), to Fred Couples, whose upper arm was still facing straight back at the camera at the same position (or completely vertical).

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