Swing Analysis: Wayne D. November, 2013

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

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Tony November 26, 2013

Great stuff Mr D. To see you overcoming physical injury and getting to where a 25yo tour player is is inspirational.

Just one question. You always advocate attempting to get the club back on address plane at impact. Is this not impossible? Doesn’t centripetal force lift the hands at impact?

And, I know you point out that Hogan, Vijay and Garcia achieve this, but my understanding is very few other tour players do. If you were to do one of your “where are the top 50 at impact” studies would not it show most of them with higher hands at impact?

You have it as a criticism of your own swing, but to me it is not a fault. Breaks my heart to see you grinding to achieve something that is not necessary. By all means go for the added posture and arms hugging ribs and exiting more left etc, but lower hands at impact? Defies Newtons laws does it not?

Mark November 26, 2013

What part of Newton’s laws of motion formed that hypothesis?

Tony November 26, 2013

Doesn’t the speed of the club head have a “pulling” effect along the shaft? ie centripetal force? Wouldn’t that then “straighten” out the angle formed at address. F=ma. Where the force pulling along the shaft would be the mass of the club head x the acceleration – which in this case is the continual change of direction of the club head as it follows the arc. Otherwise it would go in a straight line, Newtons first law of motion.

Mark November 26, 2013

The force makes the shaft bend away from the player at impact (I trust you know this). This would make the hands to move closer, not further away. e.g. if you stuck a practice stick (or broken shaft) into the ground and addressed it like a normal shot, then bent it to mimic impact, there’s only one place the hands can go. Towards you and down. Try it.

If you watch Wayne’s vids you’ll notice that virtually everyone who comes in high is doing so due to lack of space for the right elbow. Head goes up, hips go forward, hands go out (high). Newton’s third law, cause and effect.

Tony November 26, 2013


I must admit your description has surprised me. I hadn’t thought of the forces at work like that before.
So you are saying that because of the downward bend of the shaft, which i assume is caused by the shape of the head, the hands will naturally be pushing down to resist this.
Sounds reasonable.

But what about the fact that with the exception of a few players, some of who i listed above, most have their shaft on what I would call elbow plane (ie a plane going through the elbows at set up), at impact. Just looking at swings of Tiger and Adam Scott and they are on elbow plane at impact. With irons and woods. And surely no one swings it technically better than those two.

By the way, this is not my idea. I am just repeating what my golf pro has been telling me for the past decade.

russ aragon November 26, 2013

Nice WD way to keep yourself real!

Mark November 27, 2013


Tiger and Scott both hit the shaft plane at impact bud? Watch Wayne’s vids on them.

The elbow plane is an arbitrary point of reference because people set up differently and have different shaped bodies. This idea of getting the shaft and forearms to match up is Mo Norman and, in my mind, is born of a human obsession with straight lines. Golf just doesn’t work like that.

By the way, watch Mo’s fireside chat on YouTube, brilliant. He sounds like Porky Pig, “people only use half their brains, such a shame” bda bda bda dat’s all folks! We now know this to be untrue, we all use our whole brain, it’s just some are better at golf than others.

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