As Seen on TV: Brandel Does Tiger Wrong Again

By Wayne | Videos: As Seen On TV and Extras

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Clinton November 27, 2013

A few points:

#1: By ignoring Stenson’s pre-takeaway lowering, Brandel definitely served it up on a silver platter. Had he included the pre-takeaway lowering in the side-by-side comparison with Tiger, it would have been very clear that the total drop of both guys is very comparable. I’d love to know what was going thru Brandel’s mind when he was deciding exactly which frame to strart the Stenson swing. Reminds me of a lawyer intentionally ignoring evidence that would be damning to his/her case.

#2: Brandel mentions Tiger’s tendency to miss the fairways to the right as being a bad thing. While Tiger has a lot of accuracy issues with the driver, missing a high percentage of the time to the right for right-handed player is actually an asset. Sure, the being in the fairway would be better, but being very consistent in missing to the right at least helps eliminate the left side of the course. And a right miss is generally far better than a left miss.

#3: Brandel says that the effect of Tiger’s head drop is that it leaves very little space for the arms to swing in front of the body (into impact). I’d say that opposite is true. The lowering of the head and increase in spine angle on the downswing is actually creating MORE space for the arms, NOT LESS (assuming you are keeping your head out over the ball, as Tiger is doing nicely).

Steve November 28, 2013

Would agree with all the above points. I have heard Wayne say, however, that a sit down move at the beginning of the backswing, or during the backswing, is not the best way to lower, as the belt line typically wouldn’t go up and back but in fact would lower. Stenson maintains his upper body angle as he “sits”, however, rather than having it become more erect-also his head remains out over the ball rather than pulling back and away. So perhaps these factors explain the efficacy of the “sit down” as Henrik does it?

Johan February 27, 2014

I think this is progress!!! Soon Brandel is going to quote you Wayne!!! He’s using your lines, seems to have accepted that lowering in the downswing is good, BUT – continued by Brandel gibberish. With this progression he soon will be pretty much saying what you are, with some gibberish added of course.

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