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Swing Analysis: Scott Hoch

You haven’t heard Scott Hoch’s name recently as he has struggled with multiple injuries, but in his prime he was one of the top money-makers on Tour for almost 20 years. I played 2 years with Scott at Wake Forest, and I can recall how straight he hit the ball just about every shot. Looking at his swing you might not immediately figure that he is as good as he is, but we have seen that with quite a few of the top players in history. I call it “counter-technique”, where a bunch of unconventional pieces form a whole that is not only functional but operates at a high level.
Scott’s swing is exceptionally upright, his 18 degrees of upward progression the most I have measured among high level players. He approaches impact miles above his original shaft plane, but follows his high approach plane in an almost perfect arc, much like Jack Nicklaus. Another reason I did the video was to demonstrate the difference the camera angle makes in a down-the-line view of the swing. In this case one swing has the camera nicely behind the hands, whereas the other has the camera out on the target line. You will see right away which works better for the lines I like to draw.


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