Ben Hogan: More Swing Observations

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

There is one thing I know about Ben Hogan’s swing: I will never stop studying it because I constantly find new things to focus on that matter a great deal in the search for a truly precise swing model.

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Michael Piccinino January 9, 2012

Wayne :
Another great video! It may be the camera angle, but it seems like Hogan’s elbow position approaching impact is behind the right hip rather than in front of the hip (at 10:52 on the video). Did this enable him to have his right forearm more on the shaft plane?


Jonathan March 26, 2013


At around 9:20 you show the younger and more senior versions of Hogan’s swing, and mention that the angle was more vertical during the earlier years. I understand what you are saying with respect to the importance of the shallowing of the shaft in transition (which occurs in both swings), but am curious as to which of the two swings might be “better” to mimic when rehearsing in slow motion, or when filming my own swing (with respect the the position at the top).

My current swing would be closer to the younger version of Hogan, a bit more vertical, which sometimes leads to a shaft pointing just a bit over the line at the top. Many of the swings that I currently study seem to be closer that of the elder Hogan (Hunter Mahan, Justin Rose)…less vertical and a bit more “laid off.”

I realize that all swings are going to be a bit different, and that you might not teach with this specific wording, but for lack of a better way to ask…what do you teach concerning where the left arm should be with respect to the right shoulder when reviewing a swing at the top (i.e. left arm covers the shoulder like the elder Hogan, or above the shoulder as with the younger?). Since everyone might bend at the hip at slightly different angles, maybe this is more relative than simply asking “More vertical, or more shallow?”

Hope this question makes at least some sense…if not I’ll try re-wording! Thanks for a great site, and for all of your time and efforts!

L September 14, 2014

The notion that the hips precede the club on the way back is consistent with the fact that the hips will precede the club on the way down.

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