Swing Analysis: European Tour Stars Nicolas Colsaerts and Brendan Grace

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Once again we find two players battling for a win, both playing excellent golf, while the differences in their respective techniques are immense. It is constantly amazing to me how many variations are allowable when it comes to hitting a golf ball, and that includes all aspects of the game, as every “stroke” is a hit of some sort.
It was interesting to watch Colsaerts bomb it past Grace by 30-40 yards, especially since they weigh the same (in fact Colsaerts is listed as 165 pounds while Grace weighs in at 171) while Colsaerts stands 6’1” to Grace’s 5’10”. Grace certainly didn’t look like he was pop corning the ball out there, but he wasn’t really close to hitting it up with Colsaerts. He did, however, win the tournament handily, while looking annoyed at just about every shot he hit.
If I were to pick a couple of notable items in the swings of each player I would say that with Colsaerts it would be how far he stands from the ball and how “out” (sidearm) his hands move in transition. I really like his swing, and while he hasn’t had all that much success I would expect him to do well in the future. As for Grace, two fairly unique things about his game are his weak grip and the incredibly open clubface he sports in his backswing and at the top. He has three wins already this season, along with two missed cuts and no other finish better than 14th. Pretty hard to figure, but just think about how many guys (good players) play for years and never win. I suppose if you were going to have a knack for anything you would want it to be winning.

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Tim McGuire May 8, 2012

Hi Wayne, What is the best way to keep the right knee from going out toward the ball and coming out of the box a little? I have been struggling with this. I squat and drive 45 degrees, but on video the right knee is still coming somewhat out toward the ball. I have done the drill with the shaft in front of the right knee. thanks for any help.

John Neeson May 30, 2012

Thanks for showing some Euro players Wayne. Interestingly Colsaerts won the World Matchplay after this, (the original one). It was a wicked day and he made McDowell look like he couldn’t hit the ball over a jam tin. (That’s jelly tin to you). Consistently outdrove him by 50-60 metres. NC used to be a serious playboy apparently and is getting some good results now he’s calmed down a bit.
Grace also came 5th last w.e. in the British PGA and is amazingly competitive. And he does this with one of the worst putting strokes you’ve ever seen. Takes it way inside and raps it off the toe of the putter on most occasions.
It would be great to see you do Francesco Molinari. He is like a machine and his swing is a contender for the best in show. He won two weeks ago – as he usually does when he gets his putter working. -28 last three weeks and his GIR in 2012 so far is 79%! If could putt like Luke Donald or Ben Curtis, he’d be awesome.

John May 27, 2015

Just followed Nicolas over the last 3 holes of Royal County Down. He was in the last group off in the pro am. Every shot pured, amazing power, ideal ball flight in strong cold winds. His caddie told me he used a 2 wood on tighter holes. Hard to believe his world ranking is in the 170s

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