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Lesson of the Week: Lindsay Ianello

Peter Ianello is from Chicago and has been a fan of the website. He decided to take a trip with his wife, Lindsay, to see me at my previous club, so they flew in from Chicago and spent two half days with me. Lindsay is a 16 handicap who has only been playing for 4 years, and as soon as I saw her swing I thought to myself that she would see significant progress right away. There were two main reasons for my confidence in the matter: first, she had a nice, fluid motion that could generate enough speed to compress the ball, and second, she had the clubface wide open at the top of her swing and had to throw the club at the ball in order to square the face.
When I watch a student for the first time and I see that weak grip, open face approach and the weak right shots that result I know that after a quick grip change (some quicker than others) the ball will start to fly about 30 % farther, although at first it is bound to go way left as the hands have been trained to over-rotate in order to keep the ball from going dead right. Sure enough, when Lindsay got her hands on the club nicely the ball flew much better, and then we could move right into fixing her flip impact. She got the idea of the punch shot fairly quickly as well, and began to flight shots like she never had in the past. The second day we did some work on her downswing path and the result was the last swings you see here. Hopefully she will be able to transfer the shorter swing to a full one, but at the very least her pitch shots should improve dramatically and she should see great improvement with just about all her shots off the ground.

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