Swing Analysis: Jimmy Walker Hits the High Bunker Shot

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is a very cool shot of Jimmy Walker hitting the perfect high and soft bunker shot under the extreme heat of a major championship. We have seen more of the players move to a squarer stance with all their bunker shots, but here Walker demonstrates the extreme cut across method with the feet way open to the left and the face way open to the right. One very important thing to notice here is the setup, where Walker positions his hands about as low as he can get them (aided by flexing his knees to the extreme as well) in order for the shaft to be at its absolute shallowest starting at address and then maintaining that shallowness through impact. The fact that the shot goes in at perfect speed just makes the video that much more cool.

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John August 31, 2016

Yep. This is the classic (and best) way to play the high soft bunker shot. I really don’t get the squared up stance, unless it’s for a much longer shot. The real key in my mind is to allow the club to pass the hands at impact. One of the few times where flipping it pays off. And one should also aim slightly left of where you want the ball to finish as it has a tendency to skip a little right on landing.

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