Basement Tapes: Wayne D. Back in the Basement: Adding Speed to the Swing

By Wayne | Videos: Basement Tapes

I have 5 tournament rounds under my belt in the last 3 weeks (the Middle Atlantic PGA Section Championship: 73-72-77, and the Middle Atlantic PGA Senior Section Championship: 74-73) and have put some new ideas into play so I thought I would share them with everybody. I have really needed to find a way to add speed to my swing while taking stress off my body, and I think I have found the beginnings of a solution.

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David W September 3, 2016

I like this especially detail dragging back with cupped left wrist and right arm spacing away from body and club coming up over right arm. Another good pickup. I am interested in seeing you exit more to left with these changes. Great work. Congrats and good pickup.

    Steve September 4, 2016

    I have lesson notes from long ago when you talked to me about incorporating this dragging action where the left wrist cupped and the right wrist stayed flatter and did not bend back-exactly the opposite of what I had been doing in my takeaway. That, along with bowing the arms a little at address-all to get, in my case, the trunk moving first. I hope this works out for you and solves some nagging issues that have plagued you. Let us know your progress. Best wishes-Steve.

John September 4, 2016

We are all different with different tendencies. My tendency is to over-hinge my wrists at the top. ie even with a 10:30 left arm angle, I can get a short iron to parallel. Cupping my wrists at the top is bad for me and tends to get me long and across the line.
If I can get my left wrist flat, (I try to bow it I don’t), this tends to limit the wrist angle to 90 degrees keeping my BS shorter. I keeps my right elbow down (but not pinched) and the club pointing left of target instead of crossed. Something I need to constantly work on.
This is why we shouldn’t adopt general swing patterns and advice. It needs to be tailored to you individual swing issues as WD demonstrates here.

Thomas September 5, 2016

I’ve seen this called the caddy drag and I think it makes a lot of sense in terms of improving sequence with natural momentum. Whenever I play around with it on the range it feels right but feels looser than I’m used to so I haven’t tried it on the course. I’ll be giving it a go.

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