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Swing Analysis: How Bubba Won

I guess you could say that if Bubba didn’t make the putts he wouldn’t have won the Masters. But over time if you’re not putting for birdies or putting for pars from easier positions you are not going to make as many and will probably not beat someone who is hitting it better than you are. Bubba simply hit the ball better than the competition, which means longer and straighter, and followed it up with a nice short game and effective putting and won the tournament handily. In the video I highlight 3 holes, the tough par-3 4th, the 8th, and the 9th, where Bubba’s driving and shot-making were pretty amazing and set him apart from his competitors.

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  1. john greyston January 14, 2015 at 12:21 am #

    Bubbas’ backswing seemed to get much more upright and extreme when he lost weight around 2008/9. Has anyone else noticed this? If a player makes a dramatic swing change and says nothing no one will spot it.

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