Pro Tip of the Week: Right Foot Power Move!

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

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Fred May 27, 2014

Wayne, This drill would seem to train you to keep your weight on the inside of your right foot, but where exactly is the weight in the other axis (that is, heel to toe). I’ve resorted to keeping my right foot on the ball of my feet in an athletic position at address. The feeling is that of slight pressure on the ball, perhaps a slight digging of the ball into the ground. As you pointed out in my swing analysis from the last year, I had a ‘weight back on the heels’ issue that needed addressing. This setup for me provides a few fixes: namely, my weight has shifted to the front of my feet at address, my butt line is not extended too far away from my heels, I feel more out over the ball, and I am maintaining some knee flex during takeaway – which helps with over-rotation, giving away the right hip and rolling my right foot. Most important, I feel like I am driving more with the right foot. With my approach, I can feel if my foot is rolling. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on where you want the weight on the foot throughout the swing. Thanks, Freddie

John Neeson May 28, 2014

Strange but it looks like the batter’s right foot is being pulled forward in reaction to replanting the left foot (and thus a shifting of his centre of gravity) closer to the target. So does the drive off the inside of the right foot initiate the drive 45 deg left…. or is the left leg and hip doing it?

In some instruction, it is stated that the weight shift (drive forwards), is initiated by turning the left knee and leg towards the target.

Having said that, I have seen photos with scales showing that the ‘weight’ of the golfer is 80% on his right leg well into transition and even at impact.

Now I am so confused, I think I’ll go work on my putting and try blessing each putt with a sacred sign – a la Adam Scott. If mysticism can help his hapless flat-stick skills, there’s hope for all of us. Or maybe I’ll just have another Laphroaig instead.

Mark May 28, 2014

That’s a serious single malt Mr Neeson, a favourite of Prince Charles too. Not that old big ears could sway me but have one for me!

russ aragon June 1, 2014

I luv the feel of the shin/calf muscles feeling the twisting of the lower leg, genius!


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