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Swing Analysis: Harris English

Harris English is a solid player who has a chance to add to his victory total in short order and may be a contender in the biggest events. His game is solid all-around, and when his putter is on like it was at Mayakoba he will be right up there on Sunday. His swing is a mix of Wayne D. likes and dislikes, but his “hands out” move from the top and his excellent pivot movement more than make up for his high approach. He has the size to be able to go at the ball at less than full speed, and that makes a difference when the release mechanics are complicated. This is a swing that could improve over time, and since he is already established as a top 60 player he could easily move up and be one of the best. If I were working with him I would encourage him to move his hands and arms more inward in the takeaway, and in the forward swing I think that aiming for an approach that passed by closer to his body would lend itself to more consistency. His combination of power and touch, however, will keep him out on Tour for a long time even if he leaves everything as is.


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