As Seen on TV: Aaron Oberholser Finding More Things Wrong With Tiger

By Wayne | Videos: As Seen On TV and Extras

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Alexander December 13, 2013

I love the view of Tiger’s new swing at the 14 minute mark. The release action there is very cool to watch. It was talked about at the Northwest Mutual that Tiger put a 103 gram shaft in his driver. That is quite heavy for a driver shaft, even for Tiger’s standards and I wonder if it gives him a similar feel to some of his older equipment.

    Joe December 14, 2013

    yeah. that’s the definition of a full release with no flip. awesome.

asher ingber December 15, 2013

One key that everyone is missing…you can hit up on the ball with forward shaft lean and down on the ball with what looks like an upward angle of attack…video simply just doesn’t show angle of attack…my teacher has the trackman numbers from many guys on tour…Tiger actually hits up two degrees on average…

russ aragon January 31, 2015

Man what the heck is wrong with Tigers short game, that was tough to watch!

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