Swing Analysis: Bunker Technique at the WGC Doral

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is an interesting compilation of various bunker techniques used by the players at the recent World Golf Championship event at Doral. The Blue Monster is renowned for its plethora of sand bunkers, and here we see the players face all sorts of different shots. It seems to me that over time players have moved away from the wide open stance and the cut across swing to a squarer, on plane technique that shallows out under the ball and lands with less right to left spin. You will still see the steep plane used on shots that need to fly high very quickly or ones hit off of downhill lies. Otherwise the players depend on the right palm up, left knuckles up throwing impact to hit their normal sand shots while swinging very close to right on plane.

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David W April 4, 2016

Yes, very interesting. I like this straight setup. Thank you for bringing it Wayne. Good idea on the series.

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