Swing Analysis: Bubba Watson and Paul Casey

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Here we have two excellent players with very different pivot movements in transition. We see them on the 16th at Doral, teeing off with a pitching wedge or 9 iron. Bubba hits an inexplicable draw over the water to about 6 feet while Casey hits a non-descript shot to the center of the green somewhere (which really isn’t bad at all. The hole is plenty intimidating, even with a wedge in hand). Bubba tilts his pelvis downward (adds more tilt) as he changes direction while Casey does the opposite and winds up pushing his right leg up under him. Some of the difference derives from the setup: Casey has a bunch of knee flex and looks to be more centered on his feet, while Bubba stands much taller and starts more out on the balls of his feet. Bubba creates flex while he swings while Casey tries to maintain his. Casey does an amazing job of adding posture even from his flexed and bent over starting position, but Bubba’s move looks way more effortless. Bubba is one of the most talented players on the planet (right up there with Mickelson) but his pivot movement is something to studied and even copied. And if anyone is listening or watching who thinks that lowering even substantial amounts is necessarily a bad thing then this is just more evidence that that idea is completely groundless.

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Mark March 29, 2016

Anterior and posterior? I think someone’s spent a bit too long with Jeff.

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