Pro Tip of the Week: Flat to Steep

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

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michael gwiazdon July 22, 2014

Very good look at and explanation. Hard concept for me to own I think this will help. Thanks

Christian July 22, 2014

I am not yet clear on the value of the short lived flattening from the top. Mostly because I don’t do it I presume and I’ve been trying for a while :-(..

I see lots of players do it and play exceptional golf so it must be preferred but what does it accomplish that an on plane (vs. lowering) does not? I am sure you’ve said it 100 times on the site but I don’t recall.

Whitney Hewatt July 22, 2014

Wow, thanks for this one as this has justified my swing in a big way. I am smaller, about 5’4″ and play to a 2hdcp. I have always had this move and thought to work on correcting it to get closer to coming down closer to the backswing plane, but have NEVER been able to change this action. I’m 52 and have played all my life (around the same time you were in Mont. Cty Jr. golf!) and thought I needed to fix this, I eventually realize after testing many things that I have no way to correct this, and it just works. I’d love to send you my swing as an example of this action, for a smaller player it’s sometimes hard to compare to today’s 6’3″ tour players and I see so many that seem to come down on that same plane and yet I could never get there, no I know why, because I don’t need to, I have my move and it’s solid and very much just like you show here! Thanks.

Tom July 23, 2014

I have heard a few criticisms of your teaching style which seems to indicate that the motions are too complex and not only hard to execute but difficult to understand. At almost 90 I perceive (including golf) that we are living in an age of ‘THE QUICK FIX” Beef Wellington in the micro-wave for two minutes etc, To me it is refreshing to listen to an approach in teaching that provides AND DEMANDS, ATTENTION TO DETAILS AND MORE IMPORTANTLY HARD WORK AND DILIGENT PRACTICE.
My hope is that you will continue to listen to critics with the proviso put forth by one of my favorite authors George Orwell who wrote (among many others) Animal Farm—— in which he stated—-” that all animals in the jungle are equal—EXCEPT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS”———-ALL OPINIONS ARE EQUAL EXCEPT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. ——–the opinions expressed on national TV that have broad influence, and spoken by many well known names, seem to me to sell the idea that ‘golf is easy” and sets up any potential new golfer with the WRONG PARAMETERS OF EXPECTATIONS———— every cure of a swing issue is usually with a famous show business background and NEVER RESONATES FOR ME TO THE REAL PROBLEM THJE PERSON HAS. Perhaps if I once heard a simple statement like ———————————– IF YOU WANT THE BALL TO GO UP YOU HIT DOWN—————–THANKS FOR LISTENING tom hurst

Brett Warren July 23, 2014

If the feeling in the right arm feels like a side arm curve, how do you keep the left arm from pulling off your chest?

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