Picking Up Some Yardage Off The Tee: Online Students: John Lamendola Part 13

By Wayne | Videos: Online Students

I use Jordan Spieth and Charl Schwartzel as examples of players who are moderate in physical size but produce tremendous clubhead speed. In both cases we see the upper body begin to back up around P5, with the left leg beginning to push up off the ground and the pelvis elevating from P6 into and past impact. In our lesson before this we focused on foot pressure in transition, and stabilizing the right foot will help this downswing action occur.

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Chuck September 25, 2017

Yikes, this is probably one of the vids I shouldn’t watch as my stinking head ALWAYS drops back especially with the driver and I’ve been thinking long and hard how I’ll get rid of that. I have to feel like I’m moving my head like David Duval through impact to make it look decent. I guess the question is how much head drop back is too much? How was Hogan able to have his head go back to the left on the bswing (with a driver) and then recover when his arms started down and then keep his head there through impact as his hips went left. I believe that’s what he did.

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