Basement Tapes: Wayne D. on Vacation: General Swing Thoughts

By Wayne | Videos: Basement Tapes

I’ve had 4 days of not touching a golf club but as a certified addict I’ve certainly been thinking about it. Keep in mind that the general ideas I put forth here and the specific body movements I talk about are about my own swing, while it should be obvious that you have heard all of this at one time or another before. One of the huge advantages of being relatively healthy for the first time in a good while is that I can put more time into practice, and as I work by trial and error (the errors coming out in competition) I can work toward being able to focus on the most important and stubborn items and possibly make some progress.

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Christian September 24, 2017

Wayne, Have you ever swung the club the way you want to and put it on video? If not, then I think the you/we/me need to exaggerate the new action 4 to 8 times more than what our mind will comfortably let us do. For example, to keep hip depth at impact I need to feel like my hips get 2 to three inches deeper in transition from an already deep spot to overcome my learned early extension. Do you feel you are exaggerating your action enough to achieve what you want? Are you letting your desire to hit the ball well in the short run overshadow your desire to change?

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