I Still Need Help, But I Still Don’t Want You to Change Me

By Wayne | Articles: Lessons with Stan

It has been 6 years since I gave Stan a lesson, a half hour of torture full of so many memorable moments that I have been recounting them over beers ever since. My guess was that anything that I attempted to teach Stan was lost in a matter of moments, since his retention rate was around 10 seconds, or the time it took him to rake another ball over to machine gun out onto the range.

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By Wayne | blog

Hello and welcome the Wayne DeFrancesco Golf Learning Center. This is not an infomercial. There are no quick fixes here. Our goal is to provide information that will help you improve your game over time. Understanding that learning golf requires a long term commitment to the game and all of its facets is the first […]

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Golf Talk

By Wayne | Articles: General Golf

It’s almost May, and with a turn of the weather we serious golfers get ready for a serious assault on the links. Having been stuck inside for months with cold, nasty conditions forbidding enough to stifle even the most hardy players, we have, for a lack of anything better to do, allowed ourselves to be subjected to endless golf talk. I admit it: I love it. I find no subject more interesting than golf, as absurd as that may seem.

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