Down The Stretch

By Wayne | Articles: Playing Tournament Golf

It has been said by many great golfers that their main goal in any tournament is to get into contention going into the back nine of the final round. I would certainly agree with that, for that is where you see what you are made of, where you test yourself and all of the things you have been practicing not only for that week, or month, or year, but for your whole life.

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I Still Need Help, But I Still Don’t Want You to Change Me

By Wayne | Articles: Lessons with Stan

It has been 6 years since I gave Stan a lesson, a half hour of torture full of so many memorable moments that I have been recounting them over beers ever since. My guess was that anything that I attempted to teach Stan was lost in a matter of moments, since his retention rate was around 10 seconds, or the time it took him to rake another ball over to machine gun out onto the range.

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