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Swing Comparison: Lee Trevino and Tommy Gainey

I predicted when I did my first swing analysis of Tommy Gainey that he would win on Tour, and sure enough, he did, shooting 60 in the final round last week to win by a shot. I went back and looked at the video and saw that I didn’t have a good face on view of Gainey, and when I got a load of the Biz Hub swing you see here I was floored and just had to do this video. No one has more forward lean and sustain than Gainey, and it immediately reminded me of Trevino, for obvious reasons that I point out here. Trevino was one of the greatest players of all time, and if Gainey has even a smidge of Trevino’s success he will certainly win again and contend at the majors.

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  1. Sean June 14, 2015 at 1:12 pm #

    Admittedly, its a sweet impact. But his ball striking stats are, on the whole, well below average. When you look at Duvals numbers from 1997-2001, you see exemplary results of a method that worked from the driver on down.

    In sum, if this impact is so good, why does he miss so many greens?

    And if strong impact doesn’t lead to strong GIR, WTF?

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