2015 Champions Cup (Champions: Derek Meinhart and Kyle Maxwell)

By Wayne | blog

Congratulations to Derek Mienhart and his teammate on their recent win! Look for the link at the bottom of the page to read the article and results in GlobalGolfPost.

We asked Derek for a few words and he was gracious enough to supply the below testimonial…

I was introduced to Wayne’s techniques and website by a good friend John Given. He started sending me videos of Wayne’s work. One of my struggles has been crossing the line and Wayne has helped me understand why this happens. When I first took the on-line lesson I understood but wasn’t perfectly clear what he was saying. It was much easier to understand once we connected in Boca for lessons.

Wayne changed my setup to stand taller and I was rocking back to initiate my swing. It was getting me in a bad position at the top. He also changed my grip and back swing to fill more of a rotation to keep the club on plane. I have worked on it hard since February with video and flightscope.

I have not perfected it yet I need more reps but I understand the feeling. Wayne’s videos and the detail he includes them help me watch my own videos to diagnose the issues quickly and get them resolved.

I feel like I am on track and was prepared for the Champions Cup. It was my first event of the season. Off to a great start and I am looking forward to this year.

Click here for the article in GlobalGolfPost

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