Monthly Archives: February 2014

You Mean You’re not Supposed to Hold it Like a Bird?

By Wayne | Articles: The Golf Swing, Short Game and Putting

If you had been using the proper concepts and still were as bad as you have been, you would have good reason to be depressed about your chances of ever being any good. But since you have never given your body a chance to try it the right way, you don’t know just what your potential might be. So instead of being annoyed at spending so much time on the wrong track, you should be excited about finally getting on the right track. I think you will start to make some tremendous progress once we spend some time incorporating your new conceptions into good mechanics and correct feel.

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Lesson of the Week: Bruce Gross

By Wayne | Videos: Lesson of the Week

We started off with a pitching wedge, hitting to a flag that was 95 yards out. Bruce couldn’t get within 30 yards of it, and when you see the first batch of swings it should be apparent why. I don’t know if he even realized what an amazing transformation he had just made, but I have to say I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite as startling as the difference in the first and last swings.

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