Yani Tseng Golf Swing Analyzed

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Here we take a look at what could become the swing of the greatest woman golfer ever. You will note the extremely bent over address position (Brandel Chamblee states that you can’t win majors if you bend over a lot…I guess he doesn’t count women), and then, amazingly, compresses into the ground even more in the backswing.

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Ray Davis October 14, 2012

Wayne, As someone who uses V1 every day, I always see my terrible action and already knew most of my issues, (terrible takeaway, lifting, rolling arms, pinched right arm, way out of box at finish, etc.) but did not know how or in which order to try to attack those issues. What I never saw though was how low my hands were at address. I have lifted the hands and although it “feels” very awkward, it has seemed to help tremendously! (played in Pro Am in Vegas last week and played, for me, very well, 78-75-76-73 making 13 birdies). I know it is STILL going to look bad on video, and I will probably throw up the next time I look because the changes are not going to look as radical as they feel but I now have an attack plan.

I plan on following up with you in the near future. Is there some kind of package deal we could work out. I am really wanting to challenge myself to possibly becoming a decent player that actually has a chance to start making some cuts and competing a little in some of my chapter and section events.

Thanks again Wayne! Your the BEST!

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