What I Would Do with Tiger’s Swing

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is, of course, hypothetical, but since I’ve been asked a number of times I figured I’d do a short video on how I would approach teaching Tiger. The things I suggest here are combination of my own swing preferences with things I think have worked for Tiger in the past. I focus here on 5 items; first, setting up in a more athletic stance, taller at address with the weight distributed more toward the balls of the feet. Second, the hands and arms should have more space away from the body, and the takeaway should be straighter back and less inward. I think Tiger functions better with freedom and space, and I don’t think his left arm should be buried against his chest. Third, I would like Tiger to go back to right loading in the backswing, and I would encourage him to move off the ball a bit with his upper body. Fourth, I would like to see the right arm more free at the top (less down and tucked in), and the swing fuller on full swings. Fifth, I think it is of the utmost importance to have the hands moving more outward toward the ball in transition rather than straight down. It has only been since 2009 that Tiger has dropped his hands vertically from the top, and these have not been his best years. And lastly, I think the driver swing should deliver the blow much more from behind the ball, with the emphasis on widening the release area to give him room to square the club with his hands.
Remember that this is the greatest player of our generation (I do), and it only makes sense to try things that have already worked well for him. My favorite swings of Tiger’s career are from 2003, a time in which (as far as I can tell) he was on his own with his swing thoughts.

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Shane Barnes November 7, 2014

You should also tell him to go back to those shirts. He could fit two Tigers in those things!!

David November 7, 2014


You always hear how Tiger’s changed his swing to ease the pain in is left knee. How, if at all, would you accommodate his knee issue? I occasionally suffer some pain there and I’m wondering what I might do to allow me to lessen the discomfort.

What about his back? What can he maybe do to lessen his chances of re-injury? I thank God my back issues are minor and very sporadic.

Is there anything in his most recent swing footage that shows he’s possibly limited in range of movement or that he’s trying to mitigate some sort of back/knee pain?

Rob November 7, 2014

Hey Wayne!

Great video. Thanks for that. I’m also a big Tiger swing fan. One thing I notice in the front view of his early 2000 swing is that his head moves back through the backswing then back even further in the follow thru. I often wondered if he fought with hitting the ball on the front side of the arc with an occasional pull or more cut than he wanted. Didn’t stop him from being the greatest. His head didn’t seem to move back as much with under Foley and I expected his accuracy would have improved but not sure. What are your thoughts on that head movement?

Mark November 8, 2014

Lovin the sound effects. Was it him calling??

Adam Auger November 8, 2014

Wayne all of your recommendations are similar to what I’ve been thinking. I guess six years so your site will do that. Interesting that I saw tiger live up close for 36 holes at Disney in 2003 and If anyone was ever better at golf than that guy I don’t know how it would be possible. He shot 67 66 and in one round he hit the flag twice on two different parr threes. He hit this long iron out of the deep ruff on 10 from 240 and I couldn’t believe he not only got it out but flew it on the green just left of this massive bunker gaurding the flag. The three wood to an island green from 270 landing it right on the middle as pretty amazing as well.

    Ewan Fallon November 8, 2014

    Tell him to stop trying to follow down line so much, hoping it will straighten out his drives

Sean December 4, 2014

I think he bows his left down wrist down to early in the downswing. It’d be better if it were neutral. I think this is a result of hitting crazy blocks. It discourages him from getting open with his upper body enough through impact, and results in the thing looking a bit flippy.

Justin June 9, 2015

Brandel basically copied your thoughts on what Tiger needs to change in his swing during the coverage at Memorial. Brandel highlighted all 5 of the items you would work on. Maybe he secretly admires you…

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