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Wayne D. Working on the Driver

My swings with the long clubs are getting better but I’m still wrestling with the tendency to punk out on my backswing pivot when my back muscles get tested starting around shaft parallel in the takeaway and extending to the top. You can see in the video how I start to straighten the right leg and let the motion move out into my left leg and hip, while at the same time my shoulders flatten and my right arm stays too low and pinched in at left arm parallel. All this causes me to lift slightly as I get to transition, and when I change direction my weight heads momentarily out toward the front of my left foot, which in turn causes my hips to rotate too slowly. The end result is a release that is more out in front of me than around to the left and has me throwing the face at the ball. My goal is to crank up my pivot with the right leg staying flexed and the hip getting a bit deeper, while getting my shoulder turn to steepen and my left arm to stay down under my chin while my hands rotate the face open (see Adam Hadwin, who I show side by side with me). My swing will be a little shorter but more efficient, and if I can arrive at the top better I should be able to clear the hips in a more timely fashion by using the rotating muscles more effectively, something that is not allowed by my present backswing. This is a pattern I’ve struggled with since my back got worse some years ago, but now after the surgery and all the workouts I’ve put in I hope to make some progress toward making a better swing.

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