Wayne D. Working On It: Going With the Will Wilcox

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

It may look like this is a fairly out of the box experiment but it is actually going back to something I was very successful with for a good while back in the early 2000’s. I originally opened my stance in 2000 due to an inability to clear my left side, and I won the 2001 National Club Pro with that open stance. I went away from it after 4 or 5 years when my body felt a little better for a while, and came back to it off and on after that although it never worked as well. I have been struggling with everything, especially the driver, for about 6 years, but now that I have had my surgery and my back is feeling better (and I can practice) I feel like I can do better. Two weeks ago I took my game out to Congressional for 3 rounds and didn’t even come close to hitting the ball well enough to shoot a decent score, so I figured I had to come up with something in the meantime. About a month ago I did a video on the swing of Will Wilcox, a young Tour player, and gushed about the technique he was using. His wildly open stance (rivaling Trevino) produced the type of swing action I talk about all the time, and it occurred to me that it would be interesting to try the same thing, that is, stand up extra tall and forward (on the balls of the feet) and pull that left foot way back off the line. From there if I pushed the right hip back as deep as I could get it in the backswing, lowering me (the proper way) and setting me up to clear much faster in the downswing, all of which is evidenced in this video. I’m looking forward to trying it out at the Homestead this coming week in the Section Senior Championship, but more importantly the video indicates that I now have a way to swing much closer to the way I have pictured it. I’ll keep you posted.
Results link 8/31 and 9/1

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Lance August 31, 2015

Pretty cool results from retracting the left leg like Wilcox. When watching Trevino I got the feeling that everything was set up diagonally left of target, what you are doing here seems to be just getting the left leg out of the way. I’ll have to try that myself. Play well!

Everett August 31, 2015

Your right leg acts very much like Wilcox’s on the backswing with your open stance. I looked at your other swings with a square stance and can see some difference. Taking some practice swings myself it seems to pre-load the butt getting back, lowering, and the need to open quickly and get your lower half out of the way.

Tony August 31, 2015

I’ve got a mate, Rob, with a fused back issue like yours Wayne. He had surgery about a decade ago. He’s a nice ball striker in some ways, but hits it nowhere. I have his swing on video, and now i look at it more closely, his left knee gets to parallel with his right knee about at impact. Not good. So fantastic to see your little method getting you some results.

I won’t bother telling him about your tip, he never listens to anything. Well he does but has the attention span of that fish in “Nemo”, and has a new theory every day. And goes to a new pro every few months.

I myself of course are no Tiger when it comes to getting left knee back at left arm parallel. But i don’t have back problems, its just another motor pattern i need to learn. I will get there eventually.

Chuck December 22, 2017

I’m messing around with an open stance to see if it will help me. Whatever happened to Will Wilcox? He’s ranked 763? I’ll assume it’s putting.

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