Wayne D Working on Bunker Technique

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I hadn’t been in the bunker with the camera for a while and since I am changing my technique a bit from an out to in path with an open stance and open face to a more square stance and a shallower approach I thought it would be a good idea to see if I were really doing what I was thinking about. As you will see in the first attempt I am still keeping the shaft in front of me and coming from quite a bit out to in.

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Cary April 18, 2018

Nothing beats practice. When I was a kid and couldn’t afford range balls, I would spend hours hitting out of the practice bunker at a Newport Beach Country Club in Newport Beach which was Irvine Coast CC at the time. I remember Ken Venturi prescribed a wider stance while taking a shallower approach and I too had the out to in motion. Bunker play was by far the best part of my game till I had back surgery and was out of the game for 5 years and I lost my bunker game for awhile because I had always taken it for granted.

I also used the closed face for plugged lies and found that they were not that difficult unless I had a lie where a tiny part of the ball was showing.

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