Wayne D Students Gillespie, Eure Get Through 1st Stage Web.Com Qualifying

By Wayne | blog

click here for full results at Nebraska City


click here for full results at St George
Both players responded to the pressure and fired nice final rounds to advance to second stage, where the pressure only increases. Making it to the final stage is a key moment in any professional’s career, and missing guarantees another year of chasing qualifiers and mini-tour events. There really is no getting around the importance of getting through second stage, and there is no pretending that it is just another tournament. There are other ways to advance but Q-School is the real test. I’m sure you will agree when you watch the video (you should also go back and look at their videos from the past couple years) that both Derek and Josh have excellent golf swings, and they possess the capability to go all the way and gain full status on the Web.Com. Let’s all root like hell for them.
Click to see some past videos with Derek
Click to see some of past videos with Josh

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Chuck October 17, 2017

Great job, fellas! I love this.

Christian October 22, 2017

Did you coach Josh and Derek to drive and hold their release? Or did they do it naturally?

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