Wayne D. Making Modifications and Playing Better

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

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Phil May 1, 2019

Awesome Wayne. Great to see you out practicing and starting to play well. Keep us updated on your progress!

Jeffrey May 3, 2019


I can understand why you do not like the fact that you have too much left-lateral sway of the pelvis during the downswing and the fact that your left knee is too bent through impact => that means that you do have enough rotary motion of your pelvis and upper torso and you come into impact with your pelvis and upper torso insufficiently open for a golfer who wants to perform a DH-hand release action. To perform a DH-hand release action well, you would need to get your right shoulder further downplane so that you do not “run-out-of-right arm” by impact, which causes your right arm to be overly straight and your right forearm to overly pronate.

One swing technique suggestion that you can try to i) better straighten your left leg and thereby ii) get your left buttock to move further back away from the ball-target line and further away from the target during your downswing is to i) ACTIVELY straighten your left leg by ACTIVELY contracting your left quadriceps muscles very soon after you start the downswing while simultaneously pushing against the ground with your left fore-foot (as if you are pushing away from the ball-target line). That dual-action may help you drive your left pelvis back away from the ball-target line and also away from the target – thereby allowing you to come into impact with a more open pelvis. It would also be useful if you get more right-lateral bend at the same time so that your right shoulder could move more like a ferris-wheel (and less like a merry-go-round) during its downplane motion. If you can come into impact with a more open pelvis/upper torso and a more bent right arm, then you will be better able to drive-hold through impact.


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