Wayne D. Back to Hogan: Working on the Hula Move

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Now that my back feels better and I can practice more I am having fun trying to do the things I’ve been teaching forever, things like gaining width in the backswing without standing up, getting deep into the right hip without straightening the knee, and opening up for the sidearm throwing motion rather than my legs getting stuck facing the ball at impact with the accompanying high exit. I had to jimmy a swing (Will Wilcox) to compete in my Senior Section Championship (well, I didn’t have to but I thought it would help) but now I figure that I really should get back to trying to swing the way I know will work the best if I can do it. That’s really what it’s all about though isn’t it, creating a model in your mind through study and practice and then focusing on what you do that isn’t part of the model?
Here I come back to an idea I first had over 20 years ago watching Hogan films. It’s the hula hip action, whereby the right hip gets deep and drives forward well before the backswing ends, while the left leg tries to snap backwards, creating a swivel in a continuous motion, kind of like half a hula hoop movement. This creates a nice separation of upper and lower and gives the swing a dynamic rhythm that I believe will be much more repeatable. I’m already seeing good results and my body hasn’t blown up, so I’m very encouraged. I’ll keep you updated.

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Chuck September 19, 2015

Great stuff, Wayne! I always wondered what caused Mr. Hogan’s thighs to kind of kiss/squeeze together into the follow through. It seems that many good players have that look. I love the Hogan stuff.

Mark September 19, 2015

Best I’ve seen you swing it.

David W September 20, 2015

Wayne, good video and explanation. I noticed watching Hogan that the snap in the left leg is not to a straight left leg. The left leg does not totally straighten until follow through. Right? Your work looks real good. Thank you. David K

Christian September 20, 2015

I continue to be amazed at how athletic and dynamic Hogan’s swing was. I wonder if he realized just how athletic he was. I try to keep the hips deep and when I do its fun and I hit a good shot typically. Lately, when trying to stay deep I also stop moving laterally and have very little rotation. I guess I am concerned about losing total control of my shots so I kinda freeze. I guess when telling myself “stay deep” I do exactly that and I should be saying “slide deep” (left of the target).

Mark September 21, 2015

Leadbetter, Foley, McClean, Harmon, Haney, Como, McCord?, Sevam1?… truth be known, pretty much everybody since Five Lessons was written, is giving you there own take on the book. When they say “I just came up with the idea”, what they mean is, “while I was reading Five Lessons and watching Hogan videos, I noticed/got completely wrong, the following…”.

Wayne, well he’s the dogs bollocks. in my opinion, but I have to agree with David W. I think you need to review what’s going on with Hogan’s left knee. You’ve only ever used one all-out driver swing to demonstrate your interpretation of “snap”. Every other face-on I’ve looked at, the leg stays very obviously bent until the club swivels over his head.

David W September 21, 2015

Wayne, thank you for clearing up the Ledbetter video. I’ll stick with the Defrancesco videos! David W

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